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12 Reasons
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Yield Focus Private Fixed-Income Management

As investors build wealth and move to their golden years of needing income and security, there is no better way of doing so than our private fixed-income portfolios. These portfolios are tailored and built specifically to our client needs. Unlike bond mutual funds where investors are pooled together (you have pricing disadvantages, low yield to maturities, hidden fees, no transparency, or control), our private bond portfolios allow investors to access the best bonds available with the highest yield.

Tailored Portfolio Construction

Unlike most of the investment industry, Linden Thomas & Company builds each portfolio through individual stocks and bonds tailored to their specific needs. Our active onboarding process begins with a needs, risk, and planning review. Once your goals and needs are understood, we work with each investor directly to determine the appropriate allocation and construct the portfolio from the ground up.

Benefits of tailored portfolio construction:

Recipe for Results

With over 30 years of managing private portfolios for high net worth individuals, founder Stephen L. Thomas and his team of professionals have identified six key contributing factors, or ingredients, to maximize client results.

Six contributing factors to maximize client results are:

The Linden Thomas & Company discipline is to build academically sound portfolios. After 30-plus years of building portfolios for high net worth individuals, results have shown us that earnings quality, investor ownership, and minimizing costs have proven to deliver quality results.

Each portfolio is built on sound academics:

Quality – equity earnings quality
Each equity portfolio is built with a focus on diversification and earnings quality. This provides long-term growth and enhances down-market recovery.

Through our private fixed-income portfolios, each portfolio is built with a focus on maximizing the need for client cash flow. By doing so, you increase long-term compounding and decrease the need to draw down principal.

Through individual ownership of individual stocks and bonds, you avoid the hidden costs of mutual funds and pricing disadvantages that hurt results.

Minimizing cost
Because Linden Thomas & Company manages assets directly for each client, we take away the high cost of advisors, hidden fees, and pricing disadvantages of pooled investment products.

Does Yield Matter?

One of the biggest disadvantages of fixed-income mutual funds is the pooling of investors along with pricing disadvantages of individual securities. This can heavily impact both investor yields and total return results.

Through the Linden Thomas & Company Private Separately Managed Account Portfolio discipline, we build each portfolio with a focus on maximizing each investor’s yield results. Each portfolio security (whether corporate, municipal, or government bond) is purchased based on maximizing both yield and upside security total return results over the lifetime of each investor.

The eight portfolio disciplines are:

  • Maximizing investor yield
  • Developing diversity between sectors
  • Creating consistent cash flow
  • Achieving personal tax consideration
  • Increasing total return results
  • Minimizing need for equity drawdown
  • Minimizing total cost to investors
  • Transparency

Unlike bond ETFs or mutual funds, which aren't managed individually and offer little benefit because of pooling investors, our fixed-income separately managed accounts are built based on customers' unique needs and are developed to maximize both yield and total return results.

12 Reasons
To Choose Institutional Direct
12 Reasons
In this booklet you'll learn:
What most advisors don't want you to know
Read Our Guide