12 Reasons
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12 Reasons
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Why a Team

It would be impossible to deliver comprehensive financial planning, build efficient portfolios, maximize both yield and growth results, educate and service our clients with the best reporting without a team of experts and technology. One of the key drivers of our clients' success is our team approach. Linden Thomas & Company is made up of some of the industry's best, with 25 professionals and over 100 years of experience.
The team includes Certified Financial Planners (CFPs), Chartered Financial Analysts (CFAs), financial consultants, bond experts, equity experts, and a seasoned service and reporting team. Without a team dedicated to achieving the best results of our clients, we would have not been able to achieve a standard that we believe the investment industry is lacking.

Our team approach is broken into four key areas:

Retirement Planning

  • Pre-retirement
  • Retirement

Investment Management

  • Portfolio management
  • Portfolio construction
  • Monitoring equity earnings quality
  • Maximizing equity results
  • Enhanced yield/fixed-income
  • Managing risk
  • Minimizing cost
  • Tax overlay


  • Education
  • Contribution/distribution monitoring
  • Beneficiary review
  • Portfolio access
  • New account
  • Portfolio reviews


  • Online access
  • Quality hard copy reviews
  • Emailed portfolio summaries

Without a team working together to provide the results we believe our clients want and deserve, we would be just like other industry advisors.

They charge a fee for pooled investments and produce poor results.

Our focus on maximizing results and planning could not be achieved without a qualified team of professionals working together for the good of our clients.

At Linden Thomas & Company, our team consists of professionals who work together in eight important areas:

  • Financial planning
  • Equity research
  • Allocation science
  • Risk management
  • Yield-focused, fixed income management
  • Passive and active equity management
  • Generational planning
  • Daily service

Unlike most retail advisors or firms, in order to achieve our clients' best results, we believe that it's impossible to do so without a team working together.

"Great results are no accident."
  ~ Stephen L. Thomas

Each client is embraced by this team approach, which is designed to give our investors the best in planning, education, results, transparency, and service.

These eight key aspects of our firm make it easy to make decisions and achieve the best results over their lifetime.

Why a Team - Client Chart

Our financial planners work together to build a comprehensive plan that is designed to help introduce and guide clients in meeting their expectations - both for current and family needs.

Why a Team - Planning Chart
12 Reasons
To Choose Institutional Direct
12 Reasons
In this booklet you'll learn:
What most advisors don't want you to know
Read Our Guide