Linden Thomas & Company Video Library

Linden Thomas & Company has developed several informational and educational videos addressing a variety of topics. Click on each video below to learn more.

The Linden Thomas & Company Difference

This video illustrates how Linden Thomas & Company is different from most any other private wealth management firm.

The team at Linden Thomas & Company specializes in building private portfolios tailored to the client's specific needs.

Investors shouldn't be pooled with others where portfolios can't be managed separately.

Linden Thomas & Company - Efficient Portfolios

At Linden Thomas & Company, we have been helping our clients build efficient portfolios for years that focus on maximizing return results over full market cycles.

Additionally, we address the impact of poor markets and down market recovery, which ultimately allows our clients to achieve the best in long-term compounding.

The 8 Aspects of Linden Thomas & Company

This video provides a comprehensive overview of these 8 aspects:

  • Investing roadmap
  • Risk assessment
  • Personalized portfolio
  • Individual stocks & bonds
  • Investment discipline for equities
  • Fixed income side
  • Ongoing monitoring
  • Best in class portfolios

At Linden Thomas & Company - It Takes a Team

Bryan from Linden Thomas & Company discusses the importance of having a dedicated team of professionals assembled to provide superior client experience and service culture to each individual investor.

With ongoing monitoring of the individual client portfolios, Linden Thomas & Company is committed to the best results.

Linden Thomas & Company - Portfolio Construction and Performance

At Linden Thomas & Company, Investment Portfolio Construction and Performance can be seen as four legs of a stool:

  • Allocation
  • Deployment
  • Removal of any item that causes portfolio drag
  • Ongoing monitoring and management of the portfolio.

Linden Thomas & Company - Catering to the Client's Income Need

Alex of Linden Thomas & Company talks about catering to the individual income needs of each client.

Selecting individual bonds for a client is a major difference from traditional financial advisor firms. Creating a sustainable income for retirement is essential for each investor.

Linden Thomas & Company - Indexing Made Better

Parks of Linden Thomas & Company talks about the importance of building a better index.

A quality Institutional Index enhances positive financial results for our clients while providing cost transparencies unlike that of many other firms.

Putting clients first is a practice Linden Thomas & Company values the most.

The Linden Thomas & Company Team

Stephen L. Thomas, founder of Linden Thomas & Company, talks about the importance of having a dedicated team of professionals to ensure each client achieves maximum financial results.

Financial planners, portfolio analysts and a dedicated service department help ensure individual portfolio efficiency for each client.

Linden Thomas & Company - Client Education is Important

Randy from Linden Thomas & Company talks about the importance of educating our clients in order to provide the best results possible.

Sound financial advice, where control, cost, transparency and a dedicated team matters, is the foundation for Linden Thomas & Company and all its valuable clients.

Linden Thomas & Company - Understanding The Client Commitment

Anthony from Linden Thomas & Company discusses the importance of being committed to our clients.

Most other firms don't provide the constant communication and education throughout the financial planning process. Linden Thomas & Company does, because, clients do matter!

Linden Thomas & Company - Why Earnings Quality Matters for Index Investors

At Linden Thomas & Company, we believe most indexes focus on the wrong things like weighting the index based on the size of a company (market cap). Few indexes screen for quality earnings or growth and many indexes therefore hold many low-quality companies.

Our Linden Thomas & Company Factor Growth Index screens for five data driven growth measurements and four data driven value measurements.

Linden Thomas & Company - Financial Planning App

Our financial planning app is available to all our clients. It allows for quick updates with real time values so they always know their financial worth instantly.

Another way Linden Thomas & Company is putting our clients, and their investments, first!

*Investing is subject to a high degree of investment risk, including the possible loss of the entire amount of an investment. An investor should carefully read and review all information provided by Linden Thomas Advisory Services, LLC (“Linden Thomas”), including, the Form ADV, Part 2A brochure and all supplements thereto, before making an investment. CLICK HERE to read our full disclaimers.