Over 30 Years of Putting Clients First

Stephen L. Thomas founded Linden Thomas & Company after two decades of working with big Wall Street firms.

When starting his own firm, Thomas felt that he wanted to provide his clients with two essential needs:

As Thomas began to establish Linden Thomas & Company as an investment firm that caters to the client's needs, he knew he would need a team. Over the last 30 years we have found that building an investment firm which puts the client's needs first can't be done without a team. Superior results cannot be achieved unless you manage assets directly. The Linden Thomas & Company team works together to ensure that the investor's plans are put in place efficiently. Additionally, each portfolio is tailored and managed with a focus on maximizing investor results.

Thomas has seen first-hand how advisors sell third-party products and don't have a team. This hinders investment results while making transparency and efficient financial planning difficult.

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