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Client education is very important to Linden Thomas & Company. We believe that much of the industry fails to educate their clients on key essentials such as cost, portfolio construction, quality, ownership, and risk. We have found that the more each Linden Thomas & Company client is educated and informed, the wiser their decisions that impact portfolio and family needs. Every aspect of portfolio construction matters as all have an impact on results.

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15 Seldom Spoken Truths

Allowing emotions to control investing behavior can often have a negative impact on one’s results. The greatest challenge for most investors is controlling their emotions and behavior while building a portfolio.

13 Principles of Investing in a Volatile Market

In volatile markets, it’s common to feel uneasy about your investments. This is only natural. But rest assured, market volatility is completely normal and is to be expected. In fact, history has proven that a volatile market can be advantageous to disciplined investors.

Top 12 Reasons Affluent Investors Choose Institutional Direct Ownership Versus the Fee-Only Advisor

It’s important to know beforehand what fee-only advisors provide. The Linden Thomas & Company team builds portfolios directly through our equity and fixed-income strategies. And, with no hidden costs.

Top 8 Questions Investors Need to Ask to Achieve Better Results

Most investors don't understand the importance of portfolio monitoring and asset allocation. Financial investment questions deserve answers.

The 4 Hidden Truths About Investment Cost and The Impact on Portfolio Results

In contrast to investment disciplines which often consist of model portfolios or pooled fund investing, Linden Thomas & Company’s Institutional Direct portfolios have consistently performed with better results.

The Truth About Cost and Fee-Only Advisors

The Truth About Cost and Fee-Only Advisors

Trading costs within mutual funds and other industry products are seldom discussed, which has a significant impact on investor results. Before you invest, know the real costs associated with your investment.

The Truth About Indexing

The Truth About Indexing

We think it’s time to build a better index. While index funds are popular among small investors because of their ease and perceived benefits, we feel that it’s time for an efficient index that better serves high net worth investors.

Pitfalls of Behavioral Investing

Pitfalls of Behavior Investing

Allowing emotions to control investing behavior can often have a significant negative impact on one’s results. The biggest challenge for most investors is controlling emotions and behavior when building a portfolio.

The Uncovered Truth About Failed Mutual Fund Results

The Uncovered Truth About Failed Mutual Fund Results!

Mutual funds and ETFs are indeed popular investment options. The truth is, however, that there are numerous, little-known aspects of these products that most investors fail to consider.

Indexing Made Better

Indexing Made Better

Unlike a traditional index fund, with Linden & Thomas earnings-focused indexes, each investor owns their stocks directly.  No pooling with other investors. And, instead of stocks being replaced when they fall below market-cap requirements, ours are replaced as soon as they fail to meet our strict earnings screens.

Down Markets Average Return Results and Recovery

Down Markets, Average Return Results, and Recovery

We know that full market cycles consist of up and down markets. We also know that average returns will often look very different after rallies and pullbacks. This is why a balanced, long-term perspective almost always bears fruit.

Efficient Portfolio Theory

Efficient Portfolio Theory

At Linden Thomas & Company we believe that quality matters, which is why we are building a foundation for the future. Implementing our seven pillars of portfolio efficiency theory, we gain the insights that lead to more informed decision making on behalf of our clients.

Market Highs & Lows Panic Opportunity and Behavior

Market Highs & Lows 

Panic, Opportunity, and Behavior

When it comes to investing, a logical approach and long-term mindset are required to outsmart the short-term down markets.