Unlike most retail advisors, Linden Thomas does not believe that bond funds offer the best opportunity when there is a need for income and stability. Our process, although seemingly elementary, has taken years to develop.  Read More…

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Why Linden Thomas and Company’s Fixed Income Discipline is Different

First – It starts with the client and the need for income now or at retirement. Once income need is established, we then determine the net assets within a client’s portfolio that will be allocated in fixed income verses equities.

Second – Using the amount allocated to fixed income, we then begin building a fixed income portfolio that best meets that individual’s net income objective and risk parameters.

Third – While building out the account, we search across the many fixed income inventories to find either bonds or preferred stocks. This allows us to help meet our clients’ net income needs, while at the same time researching fixed income opportunities that reflect a value compared to the market and in some cases, offer a potential higher net yield than other securities.

Fourth – Once built, the portfolio is monitored for individual gains as the market may move individual securities up that were once a discount to the rest of the market.

Finally – When we can sell securities at an increased value and take advantage of new opportunities to further increase yield, we do so.
This process reflects the importance we place on building efficient portfolios and providing continuous monitoring in order to better help ensure both net yield and long term growth potential.

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Stephen Thomas explains how to help achieve cash flow requirements in a low interest rate environment – Length: 5 minutes

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