#3 - Implementation of
Your Investment Plan

Focus on the best private wealth managers

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As independent financial consultants and top private wealth managers, we are free to seek out the best investment managers and investment vehicles in which to implement your investment plan.

Our singular objective is to present our clients with only the very best private wealth managers, based on our opinion of their ability to deliver superior long- term performance compared to their peers. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

In addition to seeking what we view as top performing managers, it is very important to hire managers who complement one another. Simply stated, this means hiring managers who employ different, but complementary investment strategies. This may enable us to better control volatility.

In seeking the very best money managers, we consider the following:


  • Firm Ownership
  • Depth of Organization
  • Strength of Back Office
  • Assets Under Management & Capacity to Add Additional Assets
  • Fees & Expenses

Investment Team

  • Tenure of Key Decision Makers
  • Changes in Key Decision Makers
  • Experience of Key Decision Makers
  • Compensation of Key Decision Makers

Strategy & Risk

  • Logic of Philosophy
  • Repeatability & Predictability
  • Style Drift – True to Style in Changing Times


  • Relative to Peers and Benchmarks
  • Consistency Over Long Periods of Time
  • Consistency Through Different Market Environments
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